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In 2017, I started creating my major of Media Production. Made up of the Communications, English, and Theater disciplines, my major focuses on what goes into producing a piece of media. With people consuming media like cups of coffee, it’s a field that I’m excited to hop right in to. I wrote about my experience building my major and my experience studying it in my IDS Essay and Update.

My final Applied Project is a short film that I wrote, cast, directed, managed, and edited myself. Through my program here at PSU, I’ve learned that the first half of producing a piece of media comes from the English discipline when it comes to researching, writing, and formatting. Casting is a blend of English and Communications disciplines as it involves communication with actors in order to find out their strengths and chemistry, but must match the characters to be cast. The rest of the process I’ve learned from the many video production classes I’ve taken in the Communications department as well as my English internship at the local television station. In this post, I will detail the process I underwent in the creation of the short film, Goldfish.

For my Research Article, I studied the topic of book adaptations into visual media because I think that the future of adaptations will benefit greatly from making written work into television series over films. As my IDS major is a combination of the Communication, English, and Theatre, it’s a great focus topic. The process of adapting a book to a visual medium includes transferring the source material into a screenplay (English), casting and working with actors to produce the desired product (Theatre), and using video production to bring the concept to screen (Communications). This article delves in to how making a television show and a movie work differently and what there is to gain and lose from both mediums. This gave insight into the benefits of adapting a book (or books) into a TV series over a film series.

In conclusion, the Applied Project greatly shows the skills that I learned through my designed program here at PSU. The Research Article is a great focus of the three disciplines that make up my major and greatly contributed to my understanding of how the industry works. I can’t wait to go out into the world of media production after I graduate.

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  1. What marvelous work you’ve done this term, Allie! I have experience with making movies, and know just how time consuming it is to do that work, even for a 3-minute movie. Your projects complement each other well, and it’s pretty thrilling to see all of your work come together here on your eport. There’s a real unity and consistency to that work, which speaks highly to how well you designed your major. Nice job!

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