RA Outline

For my Research Article, I am working on the topic of book adaptations because I want to find out more about adapting them into a television series over a movie is beneficial in order to help my reader understand better if taking the time to adapt a book into a longer television series over a two hour movie is beneficial to both audiences and creators.

I decided to do my outline with an infographic because I’m a visual learner and it’s easier for me to plan out that way. In my introduction, I’m going over quickly what I want to discuss in the research article and the topics will be expanded upon later. In the first part of the body of the article, I’ll be comparing how film production differs from television production. In the second part, I’ll be discussing how which medium being chosen to produce an adaptation affects the creators and the audience. In my conclusion, I’ll summarize my findings and make a statement on what has been found.

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