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Being completely honest, I didn’t use twitter much after Intro to Interdisciplinary. I used it for a few communications classes where we posted about our blog posts for different assignments, and that was about the full extent of it. It’s a platform that I always knew would help me out in the future due to the amount of businesses that run a twitter and how easy it is for individuals to interact with the businesses. Many use it to be funny, post cute pictures of dogs, or to stay current when it comes to what’s going on in the world at this time. It’s become a place of meme culture where even businesses have joined in to stay “hip” or “with the kids”, as they are the future. It took me a while to get used to the platform when revisiting it for this course and growing my PLN even further, but I think I got the hang of it.

Something that got me started was I handed my phone to my friend that understood how to use twitter greatly. She asked me what some of the things I should follow were and I described media producers, directors, review websites, etc.. Her, not knowing a lot about these things as I do, I said “a bunch a movie stuff would be good” and she ran with it. She got me off to a great start with Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, and some of the creators of my favorite television shows. Following creators such as Rachel Bloom or Aline Brosh McKenna have given me insight about what goes into the production of a television show that films year round instead of over the course of a few weeks like a film or miniseries.

Before twitter, I mainly relied on YouTube to tell me what was going on currently, and I would often jump to my own conclusions based on the titles of videos that I would tell myself that I didn’t have time to watch. It’s also significantly harder to make the connections on YouTube and with twitter you can direct message them if they follow you back or just @ them and they may or may not respond. Who know, if your tweet catches their eye, you might see a response.

In conclusion, I had an interesting time with twitter and will build upon it after I graduate to make more and more connections that will help me and my future job opportunities. It gives me hope that I could expand out into other platforms like Instagram to give myself more of an online presence and make more connections with those whose main platforming experience isn’t twitter. I already have a FaceBook, perhaps I’ll actually flesh out who I am on it so that potential employers can look me up and see a strapping, hirable young lady instead of some mysterious ghost that doesn’t exist anywhere on the internet. Overall, I would recommend to anyone getting a twitter to for promoting positive online presence.

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