In order to be successful in today’s world, one needs to build an online presence in order to stay relevant and make contacts. In my time in Interdisciplinary studies, I’ve developed a Twitter presence that I need to revisit after taking a break. I remember how much we used Tweetdeck to organize everything and how helpful it was for keeping track of different hashtags and see how other people in the class are communicating with the outside world.

I’m going to continue to follow major directors, editors, and creators of film and television programming as well as local media networks to develop online connections that will help me in my endeavors. As media creators, many of them are on Twitter. I to, will contribute my ideas on the platform and they will hopefully circulate as I accumulate a following. In order to gain a larger following, I may eventually switch my public account to something a little more private so I won’t be spammed.

Twitter Logo

As I will be mainly using Twitter, I’m going to follow the guidelines that have been presented by Matt:

  • Add a Twitter widget to your ePort
  • Following 1-10 new academic and professional (“acaprof”) accounts per day
  • A minimum of 1 simple acaprof retweet a day
  • A minimum of 1 quoted retweet a day
  • A minimum of 1 reply a day
  • A minimum of 1 acaprof tweet of your own per day
  • 1-10 favorites per day
  • Active use of the #IDSSem hashtag (#PlymouthIDS, too, if you want!)
  • Active use of your relevant acaprof hashtags
  • Use of helpful apps (Twitter for mobile; Tweetdeck; etc)
  • 5 days a week (minimum) of this tweeting. 10 minutes a day or so.

In summary, I feel that I will know that my PLN is working if I manage to get follow backs from people that I follow and eventually can communicate with them through DM’s or and exchange professional information.

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