Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

My ideas for IDS projects in this coming semester:

Research Article

  • “I am working on the topic of mental illness portrayal in media because I want to find out how television shows either manipulate the topic in order to help my reader understand better how media distorts how it is portrayed.” This combines the different disciplines of media studies and health studies as it analyzes how one discipline affects the other.
  • “I am working on the topic of filling our homes with smart devices because I want to find out the risk we are at for data mining in order to help my reader understand better how these devices can be used against us.” I absolutely fear the sentience of devices one day rising up against us. Even Amazon is making fun of themselves for how mart their smart devices are. It combines the technical aspect of media studies and how we communicate with our technology and how that affects us socially.
  • “I am working on the topic of shows about nothing because I want to find out how the concept worked so well in the 90’s versus in order to help my reader understand better why our culture recycles ideas to make a quick buck.” Entertainment is a huge industry that we live in and is focused on in the English and Communications disciplines and it would be interesting to look on it socially as to how a common genre can work in one era but not in another.
  • “I am working on the topic of book adaptations because I want to find out more about adapting them into a television series over a movie is beneficial in order to help my reader understand better if taking the time to adapt a book into a longer television series over a two hour movie is beneficial to both audiences and creators.” As humans, we will not watch an eight hour movie, but we will watch eight hour long episodes in one viewing session. Why?
  • “I am working on the topic of production hell because I want to find out if putting a movie through said hell is worth it financially in order to help my reader understand better what it is to go through production hell and the toll it takes on the quality of the final product.” Production hell greatly alters the quality in my opinion, but with the recent success of Bohemian Rhapsody, who’s to say?

Applied Project

  • Short film on good portrayals vs bad portrayals in media of mental illness and how that has affected audiences. This is an interesting topic as some shows like 13 Reasons Why come with a warning label whereas Bojack Horseman does not. This could be difficult due to the stigmatization of mental illness in our present day.
  • Create a short documentary on the evolution and life of a meme. There was a terrible film claiming to do this already on Netflix, but rather followed celebrity trends. Memes can influence and make or break slang. We’re still saying “yeet” years after it’s peak popularity.
  • Write a screenplay, hire actors, film it, edit it, and document what it was like to go through each process with a video blog. This would show a step by step how to produce a piece of media that’s been around since the early 1900’s.
  • Video essay on iconic memes: where are they know and how did their media presence either ruin or improve their lives? This would be an interesting commentary and could be analyzed through how our culture can read one word and make someone famous.
  • Video in depth analysis with statistics about remakes of famous films: are they worth it? The film industry has lost it’s niche for original ideas and production companies are just relying on big names now to sell movies over quality. DC for example. This could show how muhc I’ve learned and could break down their flaws.

One thought on “Ideas, Ideas, Ideas”

  1. I think you’re ideas are very interesting! Personally, I would like to learn more about your ideas on mental illness in the media and how smart devices can be used against us because these topics are so relevant for society today. I also think that creating a video is going to make an awesome applied project! That is such a creative and unique way to get your findings across to an audience and it’s a way to incorporate your IDS program. Good luck!!

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