Ideas from Spring 2017

I’ve spent this semester finishing up my general education credits, so the classes I’m currently in don’t have much to do with what I’m interested in, major wise. Although, the classes have offered me information about the past, present, and future of our society. Whether it’s science, art, music, or the environment, there’s a history and room to grow.

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The first idea comes from my art history class, Exploring Art Revelations & Revolutions, taught by Professor Philip Inwood. After viewing and discussing many paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries, I’ve learned how artists of the past have greatly influenced how we appreciate artists of the present. If the artists weren’t seen as these amazing creators that influenced people, then we wouldn’t see paintings as an important influence today. This relates back to my major as the same concept can be applied to cinema, as it’s a huge form of media that greatly influences populations as do physical art.

The second idea comes from my Environmental Geography course taught by Kevin Wall. We learned about how we need to learn from our past mistakes otherwise the environment will suffer, as will we. Such as, if we keep destroying areas of the environment for profit, there won’t be any left to make a profit off of. An example of this can be applied to the sibling directors, the Wachowskis. They made The Matrix, but continued the series haphazardly and it declined in value, yet raking in the dough. Now it’s reached the point where it’s damaging to their careers to keep producing terrible movies at the expense of minimal profit, much like the environment. This is a mistake that should be learned from.

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I took away several ideas from courses that I thought were completely irrelevant to my major at the start of the semester. But through some digging and my odd knowledge of directors and the history of cinema, I could learn how to apply the knowledge to my field. This opens up my hope for information that could help me in ways I don’t even understand yet.

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  1. At first I thought the Matrix/environment thing was a stretch, and then I thought…BRILLIANT: not only because it is kind of a cool metaphor, but also because it does indeed show, as you note, that your education is yours, and that what you learn is being learned because you will have an original perspective on it and because you will be able to use the skills and knowledge to build your future. Really love this post, quirky as the content itself is! 🙂

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