Goldfish: Final Applied Project

I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for the majority of the semester, and I’m glad to say that my final applied project is finally ready to be posted onto my ePort. My final project is a short film that I wrote, cast, directed, managed, and edited myself. Through my program here at PSU, I’ve learned that the first half of producing a piece of media comes from the English discipline when it comes to researching, writing, and formatting. Casting is a blend of English and Communications disciplines as it involves communication with actors in order to find out their strengths and chemistry, but must match the characters to be cast. The rest of the process I’ve learned from the many video production classes I’ve taken in the Communications department as well as my English internship at the local television station. In this post, I will detail the process I underwent in the creation of the short film, Goldfish.

I wrote the first draft of Goldfish for Paul Rogalus’ scriptwriting class for an assignment. When we were tasked with coming up for the applied project, I knew what I had written could be polished and shot in an apartment no problem. With the scriptwriting course, everything was written in playwriting format and had to be redone in screenwriting format, which I am more familiar with. The document can be read here.

I was a part of the theatre program at my high school, and a lot of people in that program came to this school around when I did. So when it comes to needing actors, it’s easy for me to find a few. Especially some that will do anything if I offer them cheese in return for their time and effort.

Filming is always interesting with my two friends that helped me out as they may not get a long all the time, but they are willing to hit each other with swords, which the script calls for. We shot it at my apartment that I share with the main actress of the film, which provided us with all of the necessary props and environment that we needed. Directing your friends always an interesting experience as I do not demand taking the lead often but this is one of the few situations where I try. They are also amazing at making the parts their own and this short film is one example.

Editing is something that I’ve always found comfort in because dealing with other people is over and I’m no longer in charge of many humans, just the editing program in front of me. If there are any issues, it’s too late at that point and I have to solve it then and there. There were a few issues that I ran into when using iMovie, mostly audio issues, but there are a few tools built in to smooth it over. Superimposing extra audio effects was a breeze and it really cam together in the end. iMovie also has the great feature of uploading directly to YouTube, and can be seen below. Hope you enjoy 🙂


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