Disney Live Action-Remakes: Why?

The first live-action remake of a Disney film came out in 1996. It was a remake of the beloved 101 Dalmatians and was released to mixed reviews but was a commercial success. It even spawned a sequel that performed decently, but was torn apart by critics. This managed to cause a pause on Disney turning their animates classics into live-action money makers, but started again in 2010 with the release of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. While that movie grossed over a billion dollars when it was extraordinarily different from it’s source material, Disney started making films that barely had any differences from the original and started making bank.


The most recent example of Disney taking advantage of is Beauty and the Beast. An almost line for line remake of the animated classic made over 1.25 billion dollars for the same movie. They added in some new songs and subplots but they didn’t add to the original story and weren’t memorable. Disney has done nothing but benefit from remaking their classics so there is zero risk factor. It almost sets the standard too high for other production companies that making remakes of popular films is zero risk but has in fact cause major box office bombs.

I am interested to see how long it will take before people no longer want to see the same movie in theres that they can find online for way less and better quality. If they’re making billions of dollars I don’t see any reason for for them to stop.




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