Applied Project and Research Article Prospectus

Applied Project:

How can I encapsulate most of my college education in one project? For my applied project, I would like to create a video diary and final product of taking a piece of media from conception, to screenplay, casting, filming, editing, and post-production. Through my program here at PSU, I’ve learned that the first half of producing a piece of media comes from the English discipline when it comes to researching, writing, and formatting. Casting is a blend of English and Communications disciplines as it involves communication with actors in order to find out their strengths and chemistry, but must match the characters to be cast. The rest of the process I’ve learned from the many video production classes I’ve taken in the Communications department as well as my English internship at the local television station. Showing the final project alone doesn’t fully capture what goes into making a piece of visual media, but creating a video diary alongside it provides a 360 degree view of the experience and process.

I personally want to work behind the camera, and working in pre- and post-productions are my favorite parts of media producing. I love the writing and the editing, and this will help me get more acquainted with people when it comes to the directing and filming aspect. A lot of people think content creating is easy as people online make it look so, but it’s actually a lot of work for a one man team and works significantly better when cooperating with others.


2/27-Have screenplay done with footage of brainstorming and formatting

3/6-Cast some people and hand out scripts as well as document the casting process

3/20-Film at least half of the footage

4/3- Finish filming

4/10- Edit both videos and finalize them

4/23- Post final video diary and short film to ePort along with reflection to show the process in a written format

Research Article:

I am working on the topic of book adaptations because I want to find out more about adapting them into a television series over a movie is beneficial in order to help my reader understand better if taking the time to adapt a book into a longer television series over a two hour movie is beneficial to both audiences and creators. As humans, we will not watch an eight hour movie, but we will watch eight one-hour long episodes in one viewing session. Why?

As someone that watches a lot of movies and television as well as reading books, I find it interesting when a book will get an adaptation of either a television series or a film. It wasn’t until the success of Game of Thrones that adapting previous source material into television shows rather than films. but now with the sort of success of the Marvel Netflix originals and A Series of Unfortunate Events, many are demanding that their favorite piece of literature be given more time on the story, which television can provide. But does this cause the crew of these sets to delve deeper into a story or add unnecessary filler? is it more profitable to make a television series than a film? I want to answer these questions for entertainment developers such as producers for television or film studios as to which would be more profitable when it comes to advertising, box office, etc. along with quality. For this project some of the major thing I have to find out are the pros and cons of each when it comes to adapting a television series or movie and maybe find some examples of some that were adapted into both mediums.

Some key terms:

Adaptations, production, profit margin, budget, advertising


Metacritic, IMDB


2/27-Start gathering resources, taking notes from them, work on precis

3/6-Have precis ready to post

3/20-Start drafting the essay with sources and post outline

4/3- Make good leeway into the draft, at least 3/4 of the way done

4/10- Post first draft on ePort

4/23- Revise and post final product onto ePort

2 thoughts on “Applied Project and Research Article Prospectus”

  1. Your Applied Project is ambitious. I have experience in all of this, and it’s hugely time consuming unless you set very clear, focused parameters — very small cast, very few sets/props, very short film. Be careful not to plan a project that’s so big that it consumes your life!

    For the research project, you’ll definitely need to focus more as you dig into the material. Adaptation is a whole field unto itself, with shelves of books devoted to the study of film and tv adaptation. It’s a great topic, so keep challenging yourself to zoom in.

  2. Hey, I have always been interested in producing movies and actually spent all of high school doing so. I find your applied project to be fascinating because a lot of people do not understand the hard and lengthy work that goes into production and it would be a fun documentary to see! The research article also seems like a fun piece to read because I am interested in how books become adapted for movies and why they choose to omit certain aspects of the book. Good luck with your project and research!

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