AP Report

For my applied project I’m creating a short film from writing it to editing it with everything in between. This covers the three disciplines that make up my major: Communications, English, and Theatre. I also wanted to accompany the entire process with a video diary, but I’ve decided to rather document everything in writing and with some pictures because, as it turns out, it’s difficult to get everyone’s permission in certain aspects of the process of filming. Not everyone wants to be in a final project and it’s a lot more effort to only use footage or blur some people out in the video and it’s also hard to FILM while trying to do everything else. I’m only one person. I can take a few pics here and then but not tape all of it.

The actual creating process of the project has been running along smoothly. I greatly enjoy writing screenplays and plays and had some read aloud and workshopped in Paul Rogalus’ Scriptwriting course to get feedback on how I can improve my writing and have it run more smoothly when actually said by actors while filming. I have the actors I need and we are set to film on Monday due to our busy schedules. I love editing so there won’t be a problem with me locking myself in my room for a few hours to sort all of this through. I’ll be using Final Cut Pro as it is the editing software that I am most familiar with.

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